Preservation Hall Foundation: protect. preserve. perpetuate. 


Launched in 2011, the Preservation Hall Foundation protects, preserves, and perpetuates the musical traditions and heritage of New Orleans. Through music education, community engagement, historical archiving, and support for our musical collective, the Preservation Hall Foundation strives to create greater awareness and appreciation for Traditional New Orleans Jazz and the communities that support it. 


our tradition

At Preservation Hall, “Tradition” is not just a body of knowledge. It is the personal bond between generations of practitioners that allows culture to be transmitted and made meaningful to the present. Our living tradition holds personal meaning for people of all ages, organizes important lifeways, and offers practitioners a connection to something shared in history and community. Thriving local tradition engages people from cradle to grave.


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Interested in bringing your school or students on a field trip to Preservation Hall? The Preservation Hall Foundation offers field trips for K-12 and college students. Students enjoy a live concert experience, learning about the history of New Orleans Jazz taught by master teaching artists of Preservation Hall. The Preservation Hall Foundation gives scholarships and significant financial support for students visiting around the world.

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