Preservation Hall means many things to many people: veteran New Orleans jazzmen blowing their hearts out every night in a creaky room in the French Quarter; bands of these doughty pioneers constantly touring the world; a steady championing of the original style of the 20th century’s most distinctive artform; old dreams exploding into fresh life...
— William Carter, "Preservation Hall"

Since its founding in 1961, Preservation Hall has been dedicated to preserving New Orleans musical traditions. From its inception, founders Allan and Sandra Jaffe fostered a community of inclusion, committed to the preservation of New Orleans Jazz and to caring for elder musicians. More than 150,000 visitors attend memorable shows 360 nights each year. While the building may not have changed much over its history, the Hall ensures that musical traditions are revered and celebrated, while allowing it to breathe and evolve with the contributions of subsequent generations, and raise up those who play and appreciate it.

The Preservation Hall Foundation, founded in 2011, is based on the ethos, values and practices of Preservation Hall and brings them to life in classrooms, detention centers, concert venues, and community centers around New Orleans, the nation, and the world. The Foundation protects, preserves, and perpetuates the musical traditions and heritage of New Orleans through its four program areas: Education, Community Engagement, Legacy and Archives. We believe that tradition is not just a static body of knowledge, but it is the personal bond between generations of practitioners that allows culture to be transmitted and made meaningful in the present.