About the Legacy Program:

In a 2018 survey of musicians in the U.S. in 2018 conducted by the Music Industry Research Association (MIRA) and the Princeton University Survey Research Center, in partnership with MusiCares, found that nationwide then average musician earns $21,300 from music-related sources. The average musician earns income from 3 different sources, the most common being live music events, music lessons/private instruction, and performing for religious services. 61% of musicians reported that their music-related income is not sufficient to meet their living expenses.

Subsequently, after the designation of the American Federation of Musicians Pension Plan and Fund as critical and declining status in 2010, musicians were often faced with a challenge of finding a new retirement and savings plan that met their needs.

Bearing in mind these distinct challenges that musicians face, the Preservation Hall Foundation’s Legacy Program was established in 2015 to reflect the values and practices from Preservation Hall’s history, ensuring our culture bearers are honored and that their rich musical and cultural traditions and enduring contributions are celebrated and rewarded for many generations to come.



When a musician in our collective reaches the age of 70, they are eligible to be inducted as a Master Practitioner. This program honors musicians for their outstanding contributions to the New Orleans Community and Jazz heritage with an induction ceremony, as well as a monthly stipend and benefits, including, but not limited to parking in the French Quarter for their performances, lawn maintenance, and a health care fund. Current Master Practitioners Include Charlie Gabriel, Maynard Chatters, Ernie Elly, Daniel Farrow, Benny Jones, Lars Edegran, Orange Kellin, and Lester Caliste.


hall fellows

When a Preservation Hall musician elects to retire from touring, they are eligible to become a Hall Fellow, serving as a steward of Preservation Hall Foundation’s programming for up-to 5 years. The program serves as a vital stepping stone for musicians as they transition from the busy lifestyle of touring to serving their own community. Hall Fellows work tirelessly towards addressing the disparities and gaps in New Orleans music education through our educational programs, mentoring many young music educators and students. Hall Fellows receive a monthly stipend for their work in the community. While Hall Fellows are not restricted in age requirements, they are often aged between 50 - 65. Current Hall Fellows include Freddie Lonzo and Joe Lastie.

Joe Lastie - Legacy Photo.jpg

Continuing Education

PHF’s Legacy program works towards providing musicians with professional development opportunities, expanding their knowledge on a wide variety of topics, including financial literacy, educational training, marketing, business coaching, and more.

Emergency Fund

PHF’s Emergency Fund was established in 2017 to support musicians in the Preservation Hall Collective in emergency situations, including unexpected medical expenses, bereavement expenses, and the inability to afford basic living expenses. The fund is overseen by PHF’s Board of Directors.