EDUCATION & Community engagement

The Preservation Hall Foundation’s primary activity is to serve the next generation of New Orleans musicians and listeners through our education and community engagement programs. We serve at-risk youth in schools, detention centers, and community centers in the Greater New Orleans area. The core constituency of our music students are elementary and secondary-schoolers, for whom we subsidize or completely underwrite the cost of weekly music classes, field trips, and educational resources. We focus on providing experiential settings for students to learn by playing and through lasting mentorship from musicians in the Preservation Hall Musical Collective.


Launched in 2014, Creative School Residencies (formerly Neighborhood Horns and Drums) is our program that works with schools and community centers that currently do not have Jazz or Brass Band programs during their school day. Providing schools with a one-year teaching artist residency, Creative School Residencies develops and educates young men and women through authentic musical experiences, builds self esteem by appreciating one’s own unique and diverse heritage, and strengthens a sense of community among at-risk youth. Students who participate are not only learn the melodies, chord changes, scales, triads, basic structures and lyrics to songs that are deeply imbedded in the community. Creative School Residencies currently serves: ReNEW Dolores T. Aaron Academy, ReNEW Sci-Tech Academy, Mildred Osborne Academy, Homer Plessy Community School, and Bethune Elementary School.

Interested in having your program benefit from the Neighborhood Horns and Drums program? Email Ashley Shabankareh, Director of Programs, for more information. 


Established in 2016, Unlocking Potential works with students detained at the Youth Study Center and Rivarde Detention Centers. This program provides weekly lessons on drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, digital audio production, and music theory. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for each student to explore and cultivate a deep and personal connection with their own creativity. 

Click here to learn more about this program, or to donate an instrument to support this program.

kids in the hall

Classroom lessons come to life with the Preservation Hall Foundation's Kids in the Hall Field Trip program. In this one-hour field trip, centered around the History of New Orleans style music, students engage and listen to a Preservation Hall Band, as well as have an opportunity for a Q&A session with members of the Preservation Hall Collective. 

We offer Kids in the Hall Field Trips Monday through Friday between 9am to 4pm. We request that field trips be schedule at least three weeks in advance. 

Click here to sign up for a Kids in the Hall Field Trip. 

Workshops, masterclasses, and open soundchecks

The Preservation Hall Foundation provides workshops, masterclasses, and open soundchecks to schools in the Greater New Orleans area and around the U.S., focusing on Brass Band and Traditional New Orleans Jazz. Open soundchecks are offered on 100% of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band's touring dates.  

Click here to schedule a free workshop or masterclass or to join us at an open soundcheck on any of Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s upcoming tour dates!

brassband book

The Foundation has released and distributes a free online resource guide on New Orleans brass band music, transcribed and arranged by trumpeter Mark Braud. The “Brass Band Book” includes sheet music and reference recordings for students to learn along with. Click here to download materials from the Brassband Book


The Preservation Hall Foundation is developing an interdisciplinary curriculum for elementary and secondary school students, focusing on New Orleans style music, particularly Traditional New Orleans jazz and Brass Band music. The curriculum will not just be for regional use, rather, it will be available for educators across the nation to help articulate the living art forms that exist in New Orleans on a national level and ensure it's inclusion in music education. 

Stay tuned for more details on its release in 2019!

creative international placemaking:

Launched in 2015 with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band's inaugural trip to Cuba, Creative International Placemaking builds long term bonds with other communities by sharing our knowledge, network, and resources to help sustain indigenous musical traditions. 


Community Concerts provides a range of free concerts in the Greater New Orleans area for communities limited in access to Preservation Hall by distance, economics, or other circumstances. These free concerts are performed by members of the Preservation Hall Collective and are designed for the whole family to attend. 

Stay tuned to our facebook page for more details about upcoming concert performances.


In the wake of Ben Jaffe's Sousaphone being stolen, the Sousafund was established in 2018 to provide young bass and sousaphone students with high quality instruments. In 2019, we plan to also provide instrument repair to students within the community.

Click here to apply for the Sousafund program.