Background and performance tips on
"do whatcha wanna"

By mark braud

“Do Whatcha Wanna,” by the Rebirth Brass Band, has become one of the most famous songs in the modern brass band repertoire. This song features lots of call and response amongst the horns and the drums. Like the majority of contemporary New Orleans brass band songs (and many older songs as well), the foundation of the song is the “Bamboula” rhythm played by the bass drum. This song highlights that groove further by featuring a bass line where the tuba also plays the “Bamboula” rhythm.

I recommend listening to the Rebirth Brass Band’s own recording of this song, on Feel Like Funkin’ it Up.


Click here for the Do whatcha wanna score


"do whatcha wanna" Parts:

Trumpet 1

Trumpet 2


Tenor Sax



Snare Drum

Bass Drum