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The Preservation Hall Foundation’s primary activity is developing educational programming that targets troubled areas in New Orleans with no current music programs in their schools. These programs focus on teaching students to perform through experiential settings and receive mentorship from professional teaching artists that are residents of Preservation Hall. 

Neighborhood horns

Launched in 2014, Neighborhood Horns is our program that targets schools that currently do not have instrumental music programs during their school day. Providing schools with a one-year teaching artist residency, Neighborhood Horns develops and educates young men and women through authentic musical experiences, builds self esteem by appreciating one’s own unique and diverse heritage, and strengthens a sense of community among at-risk youth. Students who participate are not only learn the melodies, chord changes, scales, triads, basic structures and lyrics to songs that are deeply imbedded in the community. In 2015, the Foundation will expand “Neighborhood Horns” to four New Orleans area schools during the year. 

brassband book

The Foundation has released and distributes a free online resource guide on New Orleans brass band music, transcribed and arranged by Mark Braud, band leader of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The “Brass Band Book” includes sheet music and reference recordings for students to learn along with. 

Junior jazz band

The Preservation Hall Junior Jazz Band operated in 2011-2013, with many alumni now enrolled in collegiate music programs across the nation. The program will relaunch in Fall 2015 with a new focus on auditioning and mentoring talented local student musicians. 


The Foundation provides free weekly private lessons, taught by members of the Preservation Hall Collective. This program educates young men and women through authentic musical experiences, and by partnering each student with a mentor elder musician, they are building self-esteem by appreciating one’s own unique and diverse heritage. We will continue to grow this popular program through out 2015, serving over 50 students in the Greater New Orleans area. 

kids in the hall

We will continue to grow our popular “Kids in the Hall” field trip program, hosting over 5,000 students to Preservation Hall this year.