lord, lord, lord

“Lord, Lord, Lord” is a traditional hymn that is common in the New Orleans brass band repertoire. While it has a 16 bar form, it is based on the chord progression of a 12-bar blues. 

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"Lord, Lord, Lord"

By mark braud

“Lord, Lord, Lord” is an example of how church songs infused with blues have become a staple in New Orleans music. It has a call-and-response section (Call: “Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord!” Response: “You sure been good to me!”), which is common in many hymns.
Below, I recommend listening to Olympia Brass Band’s version on "Here Come da Great Olympia Band". 

“Lord, Lord, Lord” is a song that the Olympia Brass Band played to open many of their shows. This version features a strong melodic lead played by trumpeter Milton Batiste and classic tailgate trombone played by Gerald Joseph and Lester Caliste. Band leader and alto saxophonist, Harold “Duke” Dejan, takes on the role usually handled by a clarinetist, harmonizing with the melodic lead as well as playing improvised counterpoint. The “two-beat” feel (beats one and three emphasized) is played steadily by the rhythm section throughout, never lacking in intensity or excitement.

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Lord, Lord, Lord by Parts:



Tenor Sax



Snare Drum

Bass Drum