paul barbarin's second line

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"Paul barbarin's second line"

By mark braud

Paul Barbarin is one of New Orleans’ most influential drummers and composers. His songs have remained staples in the New Orleans jazz repertoire for over 60 years. One of his most performed compositions is “The Second Line,” better known as “Paul Barbarin’s Second Line,” to differentiate it from Joe Avery’s “Second Line.”

“The Second Line” shares the same 32-bar form and chord progression as another Paul Barbarin song, “Bourbon Street Parade.” Both songs serve as an ode to the traditions of the city of New Orleans. “The Second Line” is a song dedicated to the second line dancers who have been as much a part of the New Orleans music scene as the musicians themselves.

I recommend listening to Paul Barbarin’s Onward Brass Band on the album In Concert 1968 (see above video).


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"paul barbarin's second line" Parts:

Trumpet 1

Trumpet 2


Tenor Sax



Snare Drum

Bass Drum